Summer Internship

Intake 2021-2023

Host institutionLocationTopic
KU Leuven, BelgiumVariability and Total Ionizing Dose (TID) Analysis for FD-SOI Technology
Magics Technologies, BelgiumDevelopment of a radiation hardened by design low-side pulse-width-modulation driver system
Texas Instruments, FinlandDesign and Simulation of Low Dropout Regulators
CERN, SwitzerlandStudy of Digital-to-Time Converter (DTC) and Multi-Modulus Divider (MMD) in Fractional-N PLL
Meta Platforms Inc., EnglandEvaluation and Revision of Non Critical Power Site Distribution dor EU Data Centers
Meta, IrelandThe Engineering and Operations team is a highly cross-functional team within the uLED organization comprising the Operations, Data and Yield Systems, Test Engineering, and Product Engineering teams. Our overall objective is to support delivery of high-performance uLED displays for future AR glasses products, which are viewed as a high priority for the company. During your internship you will primarily work with the Product and Test
engineering teams to develop new experimental setups, techniques, and
analysis routines for characterization of uLED displays. In particular,
you will work on advancing our capabilities in calibration of cameras
and sensors for display characterization, and using those calibrated
sensors to evaluate performance of display components.
KU Leuven, BelgiumExperimental testing of CMOS oscillator with TPA laser (SEEs)
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