How to finance your Master degree?

We implement an ambitious scholarship policy to allow all students with outstanding academic background to join our programme. No specific / additional application process for scholarships mentioned in this page are requires from you beyond application to RADMEP. If you apply to the programme on time, your application will be automatically considered for all scholarships mentioned in this page .
Scholarships attribution is merit-based: same selection criteria, methods and decision-making for selection to the programme itself are applied to attribute scholarships, attribution is based on absolute selection outcome ranking of applicants. Learning performance during first year of the programme is used to grant scholarships during the second year of the programme. All scholarships are cumulative, expect EMJMD and Eiffel scholarship (holders of these scholarships cannot apply to additional scholarships).

Available at the time of application to the programme (no additional application process but early deadline may apply)

EMJMD scholarships
> covers all the duration of the programme (24 months)
> 35,000 € for European students
> 47,000€ or 49,000 € for non-European students RADMEP scholarships  > granted for the first year of the programme

MANUTECH SLEIGHT Graduate School scholarships   >5000€ (50% upon display of school certificate and a French Bank account, 50% paid in December, on condition of attendance at courses) during M1 (only for students who apply for a S3 in Saint-Etienne)
>5000€ during M2 if semester 3 is carried out in Saint-Etienne and semester 4 outside Saint-Etienne >8000€ during M2 if semesters 3 and 4 are carried out in Saint-Etienne 

Available (/application) during the programme  (for students during the second year of the programme)

BRMI scholarships  (apply during semesters 1 & 3)
> cover the second year of the programme > 1,615 € for semester 2 and 1,615 € during the Master Thesis # Usually most students are awarded this scholarship

ERASMUS + Mobility  > granted for semester 2 or semester 4 of the programme Depends of cost of living in the country you will study : > between 200 € and 250 € per month for a study scholarship in Belgium. Grant can be disbursed for the overall duration of the study period.

Master Thesis allowances Work placement during semester 4 is generally paid. It is for instance legally compulsory to pay trainees at least 550 € per month in France. We’ll strive to ensure that our industrial and academic partners provide at least this amount to trainees as a minimum. Most of our industrial partners offer internships that provide substantial allowances packages above this minimum, and up to 1,200 € per month.

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