Awarded Degree

Successful completion of the RADMEP Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree will result in the award of multiple Master’s degrees (i.e. 4 national diplomas issued by 4 higher education institutions from 4 European countries and fully recognized in these respective countries). In line with the Bologna Accords, those degrees benefit from a wide recognition in Europe and beyond.

According to the concentration which has been chosen by the graduate, the consortium will deliver either multiple diplomas from:

  • JYU, KUL and UJM (specialization in Photonics)


  • JYU, KUL and UM (specialization in MicroElectronics)
Awarding Institutionnational degrees awarded, official name in local languageofficial name in local language
national degrees awarded, legalized English translation
University Jean Monnet– Master Optics, Image, Vision, Multimedia, as approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research since 2004 and recently re-accredited A+; Arrêté du 10 octobre 2011, Reference CNESER 20070679;
– Diplôme d’Université « Radiation and its Effects on MicroElectronics and Photonics Technologies » on behalf of RADMEP consortium.
Master Optics, Image, Vision, Multimedia

Master RADMEP/ Radiation and its Effects on MicroElectronics and Photonics Technologies
University of JyväskyläMaster of Science with specialization in Physics
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven« European Master of Science in Electronics and ICT Engineering Technology » with the specialization « Radiation and its Effects on MicroElectronics and Photonics Technologies »
University of MontpellierMaster diploma « Electronic, Electrical ENgineering and Automatic » with the specialization « Radiation Effects on Electronic Devices and Circuits »
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