EMJMD Scholarships

Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarships are funded by the European Union, to help Joint Master Degree such as RADMEP to attract the best European and international students. Those are very generous scholarships grants, which can virtually cover all expenses, including travel and subsistence costs associated with joining the RADMEP programme during 2 years. Grant awarded The actual amount of the scholarships will vary if you are considered from (nationality or residence) a Programme country (i.e. member states of the EU and former Yugoslav, Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey) or Partner country (the rest of the world). 

Type of costs covered by the EMJMD scholarship

Type of costs covered by the Erasmus+ JMD scholarshipAmount granted to a scholarship holder from a Programme countryAmount granted to a scholarship holder from a Partner country situated at less than 4000 km from Saint-EtienneAmount granted to a scholarship holder from a Partner country situated at 4000 km or more from Saint-Etienne
Participation costs4,500 € per year9,000 € per year9,000 € per year
Travel costs1,000 € per year2,000 € per year3,000 € per year
Installation costsN/A1,000 €1,000 €
Subsistence costs1,000 € per month1,000 € per month1,000 € per month
Indicative TOTAL for the entire duration (24 months) of RADMEP programme35,000 €47,000 €49,000 €
  • No restriction in terms of nationality, Erasmus+ EMJMD scholarships can be offered to students from any country of the world.
  • EMJMD scholarships are linked to a specific programme. To benefit from this scholarship, you must have applied, been selected as a scholarship holder and then have administratively enrolled in the RADMEP programme. Therefore, administrative and academic eligibility criteria for RADMEP selection apply .
  • Applicants should apply to RADMEP programme before the deadline to allow selection committee to consider them for an EMJMD attribution.
  • In addition, applicants wishing to be considered for an EMJMD scholarship along with their application should make sure that they cannot at the same time be beneficiaries of a grant for student or staff mobility in the framework of other higher education programmes funded by the European Union budget, and vice versa. Please note as well that scholarships holders are awarded for a student’s participation in the complete EMJMD programme and cannot transfer university credits from course taken prior to their enrollment […] for the purpose of reducing their mandatory activities in the joint programme. (Erasmus+ programme guide 2020)
  • The EMJMD scholarship cannot be held concurrently with other scholarships mentioned in this website.

Selection criteria

  • This scholarship is awarded to best-ranked applicants during the selection committee following the application deadline .
  • Same selection criteria used to assess application to the programme itself are therefore used. These criteria are based on the overall academic achievements and motivation of the applicants.
  • However, scholarship attribution policy respects, for applicants with similar academic level, European Union recommendations at intake level to achieve geographic balance:

>No more than 3 candidates from the same country (or with the same nationality) should be awarded a Erasmus+ Joint Degree scholarship during the same intake; >A minimum of 75 % of scholarships will be earmarked for candidates from Partner countries.
How to apply

  • There is no specific / separate application process to be considered for this scholarship, providing the applicant applies before the first deadline .
  • When the selection outcomes (/results) are notified , applicants are informed by email if they are on the main list (i.e. successful applicants to RADMEP programme with an EMJMD scholarship) or on the reserve list (i.e. successful applicants to RADMEP programme with or without other scholarship and/or a fee-waiver).
  • Re-allocation of E+EMJMD:

>Successful applicants on the reserve list are notified of their absolute rank by order of merit in the reserve list. RADMEP scholarships and Fee-waivers are attributed to best applicants on this list. Applicants on the reserve list without scholarships may decide to join the programme as self-financed students (no scholarship from the Consortium). >However, in case a successful applicant on the main list decides not to join the programme before the induction week, the EMJMD scholarship can be re-allocated to best-ranked students on the reserve list, providing the geographical criteria are respected (i.e. if 3 Chinese applicants are on the main list, the scholarship can not be re-allocated to an additional Chinese applicants who were on the reserve list). Similarly, the Consortium may decide to re-allocate in priority EMJMD scholarship to applicants from Programme or Partner country considering current balance between this two categories. >Applicants who have applied after the first deadline cannot be considered for EMJMD scholarship reallocation, but they can be selected to the Programme if they applied before the deadline for self-financed students. >Successful applicants in both lists should confirm to the Consortium their acceptance of the EMJMD scholarship or willingness to join the Programme without scholarship in due time . >Non-successful applicants or successful student without scholarships attributed can appeal of the selection committee decisions.

Scholarship disbursement

  • The EMJMD scholarships are directly managed by the Consortium. Scholarships grants will be paid in several installments in a French bank account which administrative staff will help you to open upon arrival in France.
  • Scholarship disbursement is subject to the conclusion and satisfactory fulfillment of the student agreement between the student and the RADMEP consortium.
  • First installment, including contribution to travel and installation cost and the first month of contribution to subsistence cost (a total of 2,000€ or 4,000€ or 5,000€ depending on your country of residence) is typically made the first month of the programme, end of September.
  • A scholarship disbursement calendar is made available and kept up to date.
  • Upon formal agreement with the student at the time of signature of the student agreement, the Coordinating Institution will deduct the Participation Costs directly from the contribution to participation costs at the beginning of each academic year. This scholarship component won’t be therefore paid to the student.
  • Contribution to subsistence costs must:

> neither be given to scholarship holders for the EMJMD periods (study /research /placement /thesis preparation) spent in their country of residence. For instance, a French student can join the programme and be awarded a EMJMD scholarship but won’t receive contribution to subsistence costs during the first semester of the RADMEP programme, which takes place in France. Similarly, a scholarship holder from China won’t receive contribution to subsistence costs during the semester 4 if s/he decides to undergo her master thesis in China. Restrictions apply as well for students;
>nor to Partner Country scholarship holders for the EMJMD periods exceeding three months (indicatively the equivalent of 15 ECTS credits) spent in any Partner Country.
Additional information on EMJMD scholarship are available on the RADMEP student agreement.
Please note that the legal basis and documentation that prevails for determining scholarships amount is the English version and latest version of the Erasmus programme guide . You can find additional information on calculation of scholarships on the EACEA website as well.

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